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Proving Gambas 3 in Ubuntu Introduction

Anyone who sees the title of the article is going to think I'm going to give a tribute based on seafood, but nothing is further from my intention. Gambas is a programming language oriented very similar to Visual Basic objects, and a programming interface is also very similar to this. In fact, Gambas is an acronym meaning "Gambas Almost Means Basic" (Gambas is almost Basic). Gambas is included in several Linux distributions, such as Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu, etc. The pity is that there is a version for Windows, which means that applications can not be executed Prawns in Windows. And I say it's a shame, because it would be a significant advantage to perform applications that could run on both operating systems, as with Java.

Gambas 3

A few years ago when I started using Ubuntu, read about Gambas, and I remember (but only think), I tried it, but not overly caught my attention. The truth is that I programmed enough in Visual Basic, in fact, my final project was implemented in Visual Basic application, but then things went in another direction, and completely abandoned until a few years ago tried with C then with Java, and now he has had to Python.

When I tried Gambas 3 I really had the same feeling as when programming in Visual Basic, the ease and simplicity with which you can develop a graphic interface in seconds. I did not remember much of my time Visual Basic, but schedule is like riding a bicycle, you never forget, so I immediately set to work. My intention was not to make an application, just try the graphical interface and operation, compilation, generation of executables, etc, and have to confess that works very similar to its cousin Windows:

It has also happened to me as when I did my applications in Visual, windows did not appear centered, or so I think, and I have had to pull a little code so that the window was in place (homesickness):

Its beginnings

Prawns was initially developed by a French programmer Benoit Minisini, which released the first version in 1999, with the intention of creating a free programming environment and allow easy and quickly develop applications with graphical user interface. The first version of Gambas, had an interface very similar to Gimp programming, with several windows, and was aimed at using Qt and KDE. The jump to the 2.x versions, was about 2008, after several years of development, and that was a completely redesigned GUI programming, integrating everything in one window, and allowing the use of GTK The jump to version 3.x occurred in late 2011, a few months ago.


I am currently very focused on Python, so I do not plan to program with Gambas3 a priori. However, for those who have made an application in Visual Basic, and itches a taste for programming, it is undoubtedly a very interesting option to consider.

Of the tests I've done with the graphical environment, operation is simple and fast, and the autocomplete is as remembered. You can not compare autocompletion Prawns with Geany. Gambas has an auto complete the object with which you work is restricted, not as in the case of Geany, which can put you anything. We will work exactly like Java and Netbeans.

Now, I've had some problems with the cursor when writing, that did not appear clearly behind the text I was writing at the time, and led to confusion. The truth is not that duty could be that mistake. It is something that can be annoying, but nothing special.

Interesting about Gambas

Install the latest version of Gambas on Ubuntu and begins to program applications

-whose acronym is prawns "Gambas Almost Means Basic" - is analogous to Visual Studio on Windows. It is a visual programming environment -derived BASIC and very like Java- allows us to develop applications easily...


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