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Index of Components (Gambas 2.x)

Interpreter enhancements

gb Internal native classes
gb.debug Debugger helper
gb.eval Expression evaluator
gb.info Information about installed components
gb.option GNU-style command-line arguments parser
gb.pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expression matching
gb.settings Application settings management
gb.vb Visual-Basic compatibility

Communication & Network

gb.corba CORBA client
gb.net Network access
gb.net.curl Network high-level protocol management based on the Curl library
gb.net.smtp SMTP client
gb.web Web applications development

Graphical User Interface

gb.form Enhanced controls
gb.form.dialog Enhanced version of the standard dialogs
gb.form.mdi Multi-document interface
gb.gtk GTK+ toolkit implementation
gb.gtk.ext GTK+ toolkit extension
gb.gtk.svg GTK+ svg loader
gb.gui QT/GTK+ component switcher
gb.pdf PDF renderer based on Poppler
gb.qt QT3 toolkit implementation
gb.qt.ext QT3 toolkit extension



gb.db Database access
gb.db.form Data bound controls

XML programming

gb.xml XML tools based on libxml
gb.xml.xslt XSLT tools based on libxml
gb.xml.rpc XML-RPC protocol implementation

Compression & Crypting

gb.compress Compression library
gb.crypt MD5/DES crypting


gb.desktop Desktop-agnostic routines based on Portland project
gb.qt.kde KDE integration and scripting
gb.qt.kde.html KDE Web browser

2D & 3D Graphics

gb.image Image processing
gb.opengl OpenGL library interface
gb.qt.opengl OpenGL for QT toolkit
gb.v4l Video capture based on Video4Linux

SDL programming

gb.sdl SDL library interface
gb.sdl.sound Sound library based on SDL

There are 353 classes and 4239 symbols in all Gambas components.

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